The Brielle Education Foundation is an independent, volunteer-led, 501(c)(3) non-profit community based organization established to secure resources from individuals, corporations, governments and other foundations. At this time these resources will be used to support specific technology projects and programs that will stimulate a higher level of excellence in the Brielle School District. All funds raised are used for enriching the educational opportunities of our students and, wherever possible, encouraging and expanding the involvement of the community in our school district and the education of our children.

As a foundation it is our primary objective to raise money for the children of Brielle Elementary School. The primary means of fundraising is thru grants and fundraising events. Your participation in these areas is crucial to the success of our foundation. At this time, our objective is to raise a minimum of $50,000 per calendar year. Together with our Superintendent, Chris Carlson, the foundation will determine where the monies will be appropriated for the children of Brielle.

The Brielle Education Foundation focuses on assisting the children in our community by supporting educational projects and events that are not paid for with tax dollars. The value of the Foundation’s support is in flexibility where tax monies are typically more restrictive.
Community involvement in the role we play in improving the education effort is priceless. As a champion for excellent educational resources and opportunities for the Brielle School System, the Foundation strives to direct resources to improve the undertaking of educating students.

Through volunteering, getting involved in fundraising, events, and mentoring you can make a difference in the community by helping local public schools and the Foundation serve students at the highest capacity. By becoming involved with the Foundation and helping us achieve our goals, you are helping to strengthen your community as well as your bond with it.

By volunteering your resources, whatever they may be, you will be touching the lives of countless numbers of neighbors and helping the Brielle Community shine.


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